Final Day to Register is fast approaching

And what is even more exciting is the Illinois Widows Sons Grand Gathering is just a few weeks away!

Ok, Everyone!! Just like all our Widows Sons Rallies... We have come to the time where we have to put out a deadline to be guaranteed a Grand Gathering shirt in your swag bag! That day is Tuesday, August 10th! (not the final day to register, but this is a final day that you will be guaranteed a Tshirt in the size you need) We will be trying our best to have shirts for everyone, but pre-registration is the best way to guarantee you will have one.

For the sake of our Registration Committee and to be sure everything to ready to go when you all arrive, the online registration will be closed and shut down on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021.

That doesn't mean you can't still attend if you haven't registered yet! After August 22 you will be able to complete your registration in person at the Gate.

So let's get things moving and get those registrations in! Be sure to get one of these amazing designed T-Shirts in the size you need and have your goodie bag waiting for you when you arrive at the Grand Gathering!

Thank you all, ILWSGG Rally Board.

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BROTHERS & SISTERS, I have Bcc all who are registered to keep email accounts private, but if you have registered for your Ladies and I don't have their email addresses, please forward this to them. Gr