BROTHERS & SISTERS, I have Bcc all who are registered to keep email accounts private, but if you have registered for your Ladies and I don't have their email addresses, please forward this to them.

Grab yourself an adult beverage and settle in... this may take a moment, but you are going to want to read it all!

As you know, Online Registration for the Weekend Passes has Closed... - But you can still R.S.V.P. for the Rides and Boat Races... We need head counts! We have 7 days left and there are things to do!

Please, Please, let your Widows Sons Chapter Members know if they haven't registered yet they can still get their tickets and passes at the gate... (just don't know what shirt size will be available for them...?)

FRIENDS AND FAMILY NIGHT: Saturday, starting at 4pm we open the gates to "Friends of the Widows Sons, Lodges, Masons, Family members" (NOT THE PUBLIC), this is a chance to share and introduce our Fellowship and spend this time with those family not with us all weekend, etc. Let's welcome, celebrate and enjoy the Concert the Illinois Widows Sons have planned for all of us! It is going to be a Blast!! For an evening pass ticket of $25, guests will have access to our Vendors and Raffles (let's raise some more money) and they will get a bottomless cup and be able to purchase food from the Food Trucks and Sweetcorn Roast on-site.

For all of you Weekend Pass Holders (and those coming to get their passes at the gate... )

We have some fun planned and so much to do… if you don’t find something to do that will make you smile, we will have the on-site medics check you for a pulse…

RV Campers & Tent Campers: This is a first for all of us, but the Fairgrounds staff has done this a hundred times, so we are following their lead. You will receive your RV or Tent Camping pass in your Registration packages when you arrive at check-in… We have an estimated 140 RV & Tent Campers coming in on the 1st of September alone with over 600 attendees we expect to be checking-in on that first day as well. Signs at the grounds will direct you to your check-in locations. Please be patient and respectable… the party won’t start without you!

Vendors and Food Trucks will be onsite or setting up right along with us on Wednesday. So when you arrive you get your own copy of the ILWSGG2021 R.A.G. (Rider Activity Guide) be sure to check the centerfold for the schedule of events. Wednesday there will be a quick dinner ride and the Meet & Greet is at a Great spot called Niko’s Red Mill Tavern in (page 7 of the R.A.G.)

Meet & Greet, Dinner and Breakfast Rides, Boat Races, Guided ride to Museum, and Saturday Rides: this email is long you will have access to all of this information in your ILWSGG2021 R.A.G. magazine and there will be announcements and updates from the website.

Brothers who are Candidates for Branding. I don’t know a damn thing… but Brother Josh “Ski” does, and he will be contacting you directly with what you need to know. If he hasn’t already.

Ladies Night is going to be soooo groovy!! We are so excited to have over 300 Widows Sons Ladies joining us from 27 States and a total of 4 countries!!! Amazing!

First Ladies and Chapter Representatives from the 30 Illinois Chapters and the ladies from the Iowa Chapters have come together for some fun while we wait on the Guys to finish up their Branding Ceremony.

Because we are gathering in Woodstock (even though it’s in Illinois) we thought it would be fun to have a Theme so it’s Peace, Love, and Ladies Night! Channel your inner Flower Child, bring out those Bell bottom jeans! Some of our Chapters are getting their flowered headbands and groovy glasses from Amazon so you can be in the spirit all weekend long!! Here is the link to make it easy for you if you want to get these for yourself. or a single set you can get HERE

  • Ladies Night has a Give & Get Gift Exchange: Illinois has over 180 active WSL and knowing that all the ladies who attend our ladies night may not walk away winning a door prize, the Illinois ladies have been including a Give & Get a Gift exchange in our yearly rallies for a couple of years now. And we thought it would be fun to exchange gifts with our out of State and International Sisters. This is completely Optional to participate but if you Bring and Give a Gift you will Get a Gift in Exchange. How to Participate: With your check-in material at the Grand Gathering, you will receive a Brown Paper Sack. Place any Gift ($25 value that will fit in the sack) and bring it to Ladies night don’t label or mark it in any way, these are anonymous. You will receive a groovy friendship bracelet as an indication that you brought a Gift. Attached to your bracelet will be a token that will be removed at the end of the event when you pick up a gift in exchange for the one you brought. And you keep your bracelet, Groovy huh!? Thanks to Ellen Runik Jones, Becky Pecknam, Paulette White, the Illinois Cornerstones Ladies (Capstones) and our Iowa Sisters for all of their time, donations, and work to put this together.

  • Hunt for Sisterly Love: In your registration packet at check-in you will also receive a sheet with hints to learn more about your Widows Sons Ladies Sisters. Many thanks to Katie "Snap Shot" Anderson for putting this together and the ladies who volunteered to greet you all personally as you Hunt to identify who they are! How to Participate: This is a Time Sensitive Activity so be sure to start asking questions and find out who the Sisters are on your sheet. Turn in your completed sheet at ladies’ night when you check in (there will be a table with a sign) and you will receive a raffle ticket to win one of the Amazing Baskets created and donated by our Widows Sons Ladies. (Only the Ladies who have completed this activity will be in the drawing for one of the Baskets). If you are from out of State and would like to bring a basket to contribute from your area, that would be Groovy ($40-$50 value max), but you don’t have to. (you can drop off your basket in Building D Thursday Morning, so we can put it out on the tables during setup).

  • Photo Booth for Ladies Night: We will have a number of Photo opportunities around the fairgrounds, but for Ladies night we will have our very own Photo Booth with fun accessories to capture those Groovy Goofy memories with you New Found Sisters. Be sure to thank Brother “Rruckus” & Ideal Entertainment for the Photobooth donation and Katie “Lady Justice” Fahy for the photobooth support.

  • Hula Hoops and Games: These will be fun and available during Ladies Night, just remember we have medics onsite and plenty of DeepBlue Rub for aches and pains from too much dancing! So be Free and Groovy, we got you covered! Thanks to Ellen “Amaze-balls” Runik Jones, Becky “F-Bomb” Pecknam, and Melisa “Pissy” Morrison-Fowler

  • Hippie Music Woodstock Playlist and Decorations: Sometimes it's all about the atmosphere! We have no doubt our Sisters will be showing up in their best and grooviest headbands, bell bottoms, and braids but what would a Woodstock party be without that special playlist. Thanks to our decoration and theme committee: Dee “Double-D” Carini-Calabrese, Jennie”Spags” Heil, Lin “Mama Peanut” Owens, & Susan “Blue” Chostner Winkowski

FOR BROTHERS AND LADIES: Swap to Stop Human Trafficking table: Did you hear? Our Ladies are finally Incorporated! We are proud to announce the long-awaited Organization that you can be a member of! Launching the first inter-Chapter, International Fundraiser for the WSL International Charity Group. You can help and participate two ways. Bring Items for the Table or Acquire Items from the table for a donation.

Brothers and Ladies alike can bring gently used items to donate to the table: men’s, women’s, children’s, or household items. You can also bring Tools, Bike Parts or other motorcycle related items that you feel others may acquire for a donation. All items being donated can be brought to building D, Thursday morning. And Thank You in advance for your Donations. We will be setting up the table starting Thursday afternoon and the tables will be revealed for donations at Ladies Night, but they will be available for the remainder of the weekend in the D Building for the Saturday Dinner and President’s Meeting. All monetary donations will benefit the WSL ICG fund. Remaining items will be collected and dropped off at a local charity thrift shop.

And as a Final Surprise for the Ladies …

After the Branding and Peace, Love and Ladies Night Shenanigans, the party continues outside with our Brothers at the main stage at 7pm. for a 9-11 and In Memoriam, Awards, and Announcements, followed by Music and Dancing. Ladies, be sure to pick up your Gift Exchange Bag (if you brought one) on the way out. You will also collect a Lovely Parting Gift only available to the Ladies who attend and participate in Ladies night, gifted from the Widows Sons Illinois Rally Committee, including a special gift from our Illinois Cryptic Order's 1st Lady, Mel “Queen Pineapple”. I’m not going to tell you what it is. It’s a secret… so you have to come out and play with us… Groovy huh? If you aren't able to attend, you can purchase one of these for yourself or for Sisters who are back at home and couldn't attend the Rally at the WSL International Charity Group table in the Vendor Building starting Saturday morning.

Of Course, there are amazing Vendors and Chapter Booths on site in the Vendor Building (Beef Barn), Axe Throwing, Mechanical Bull will be set up under the Pavillion, the Iowa Brothers are bringing a Dunk Tank, the Entertainment Friday and Saturday Night will be Off the Charts!... Two Meals and a Bottomless Cup are included in your Weekend Pass… And we have Food Trucks!

Everyone in Illinois is very excited that we are all getting together!! Are you?!

Post on our FB Page and Let us know how excited you Are!!

See you in 7 days!

With Love & Respect,

Jennie “Lady Irish” & "Stormin"

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