Remember is you are riding into the Grand Gathering and aren't staying at a local hotel or AirB&B, primitive camping is available at no charge for Widows Sons Brothers and their Ladies!

If you want to travel light, Tent & Sleeping Bag Bundles are available for pre-order from Johnny "Irish" Murray, Illinois Widows Sons Stone Templars Chapter.

Pre-ordered tents and sleeping bag will be available when you arrive at the fairgrounds. If you would like an additional sleeping bag you can order one for an extra charge.

These are yours to keep or you can donate them back and the Stone Templars Chapter will see that they are donated to a local homeless shelter.

To reserve your tent/sleeping bag(s) email Brother Irish at Jmurray47@att.net or you can PayPal him directly (via Friends & Family so there aren't any fees) to the same email address.

Just be sure to reference in the note for tent and sleeping bag for GG.

Any questions email Johnny "Irish" Murray at Jmurray47@att.net

We are excited to see you at the Grand Gathering this coming September 1st-5th, 2021

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BROTHERS & SISTERS, I have Bcc all who are registered to keep email accounts private, but if you have registered for your Ladies and I don't have their email addresses, please forward this to them. Gr